Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Making Progress

This is the progress that I have made so far on the "Away in a Manger" quilt. The angel is hovering in the starry sky over the manger. Tomorrow I am going fabric shopping to buy the manger floor (dirt fabric?) and more of the wood grain fabric for the outer borders. So I am shopping for dirt and wood at the fabric store.

As soon as I attach the floor fabric, I can begin to applique Mary, Jesus, and a group of animals clustered around them.
Maybe I will also find some fur or hide fabrics tomorrow!

So far I am happy about the way this is turning out. I hope the NICU people will like it!

In between applique sessions on the Away in a Manger quilt, I've been trying to get the Pioneer Braids assembled. There are two more strips to add before I trim it up and add the two borders. This one is shaping up well. Once again, another project has been put in front of it, but DH has about six other quilts to choose from if he gets chilly!

The last bit of progress is in the area of exercise. DH loaded the bicycles and me in his pickup truck, and we went to check out the new Levee Trail here in Chesterfield, Missouri. Our city is building this asphalt trail for jogging, walking, and cycling along the levee that borders the Missouri River. The first four miles are finished, and it is very nice. (Unfortunately, there are wetlands and trees between the levee and the river, and you can't see the river.) We rode the four miles going east and turned around at the point where construction has stopped. Eventually, it will connect to similar trails in other communities. The first part was a breeze! Then we turned around and had to peddle into the breeze--and a very stiff one at that! The return trip was not as much fun. I need to find something I can do standing up for awhile 'cause my backside is sore!


Jan said...

Your applique is lovely--what a beautiful piece that will be when it is done! Your bike trip sounds like it was good exercise!!!!

Debi said...

Looks so good, you always do such a great job of applique. Your braid quilt is lovely, the colors look great.

Sheryl said...

Thank you, ladies! When I have you to look at my work, I feel like I have an expert review committee! I'm off now to buy fabric--looking for dirt and wood.

Debi said...

I don't know about "expert", but we definately have "opinions". I hope you found your dirt and wood.