Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Haven't Been Blogging....

but I have been busy! Thanksgiving was great! There were ten of us here, including baby Addison, who got her dinner early and didn't come to the table for the big meal. Granddaughter Avery helped me cook by rolling up the crescent rolls and proclaimed, "Thanksgiving is ready!" when the oven timer beeped.

On Thanksgiving Day I sent home Addison's recently-completed Christmas stocking, shown here with Avery's. The angels are cross stitched from a pattern I found in a book on bread cloths.

This week I delivered the following two quilts to the hospital. We have a new Project Linus coordinator in St. Louis, so I can call them Project Linus quilts again! The first was made with the last of a pile of pastel scraps that have been living in my house since the 80's! (There were two other quilts with these fabrics that I put in previous posts. Both had teddy bears on them.) I am not sad to see these fabrics go! It is fun to actually use up something.The dump truck quilt is a pattern I have made once before. The backing fabric is one I've had for a long time and has roads and construction sites. Again, it's good to use up something! (Makes room for new!!!)

My final recent project was to make these two coats for tiny dogs. One of the security guards at the hospital where I volunteer is so nice. He's about my son's age and has a girlfriend and two itty-bitty dogs that are not enjoying their first winter! I offered to make quilted coats, so he brought in one they had purchased and I traced it for a pattern. I couldn't resist using that dog fabric on the right for the little male dog. A three-pound boy dog needs a little help with the machismo! Maybe this will help him seem a little tougher when they visit the dog park.