Monday, August 22, 2011

Some More Doll Quilts

In between all of the Project Linus quilts, I joined some more doll quilt swaps at The Quilting Bee Forum.  (It's on Delphi--see link at the upper right corner of the page.)  Our hostess-with-the-mostest, Debbie, thinks up new themes every month.  Here are my quilts for the patriotic and polka-dot themes.
Of course, I receive darling quilts in these swaps, and DH and I have found a way to display them in my sewing room.  They are pinned to a tack strip that has a cork insert.  I'm really enjoying them in my room. 

I must give credit and thanks for the eagle and purse patterns to Sindy Rodenmayer, a generous and creative woman whose website is Fat Cat Patterns.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Speech is Over and I'm Burned Out!

Well, the long-anticipated (and feared) speaking engagement has come and gone, and the relief is huge!  It actually went pretty well.  I managed to fill 45 minutes and could have talked more, but my quilt holders were moving too quickly.  They had each quilt folded and put away before I could talk as much as I wanted!  Some of the ladies in the audience asked good questions.  In fact, one lady seemed determined to challenge my knowledge of quilting, but I think my credibility survived.

After the speaking engagement I delivered 16 quilts to the pediatrics department at the hospital and began a break from quilting.  I worked so long getting those 16 ready that I am kind of sick of it.

The hands can't stay idle, though.  I'm knitting again!  I have just completed my first sock.  When I got the heel turn to work, I was so thrilled.