Friday, June 26, 2009

Project Linus quilts

Let's hope they really have the air conditioning cranked up on the pediatrics floor at St. John's Mercy so the kids can use these quilts I took in today! It's so hot here that I didn't even like having them over my arm at 8:30 a.m.!

(The Sea Turtle is from

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hotter Than Blue Blazes

Is anyone willing to admit--along with moi--that they don't like summer? I have always been sensitive to heat, even as a child, so I know it's not just a "weight thing". Also, as of the last ten years or so, it has been a lot worse. Menopause=always hot! smack in the middle of the Midwest isn't the greatest place to have your summer home! (It's great the rest of the year.) Thank God for AC and the ability to pay the electric bill!

Meanwhile, there is fabric to be used in the Wonderstash, and some of the bins aren't as full as they used to be. The bin of fish fabrics went down a little bit for this quilt, "Kitty Goes Fishing". I don't think you can tell from this pic, but the border shows cats gazing longingly at goldfish in their bowls, as well as a few fish bones! I like the way this one turned out. I actually got to meet the girl who received it on a day when I was volunteering at the hospital. She loves animals, especially cats, and wants to be a vet.