Monday, May 30, 2011

More Show and Tell

for my long dreaded--I mean anticipated--talk on charity quilting.  (That's coming up on August 1.)  I've been busy quilting tops that had been hanging in the closet and also trying to make new tops.  Here are the latest:

The ballerina bear was taken from a dress-up bear pattern from Sindy Rodenmayer at

These little monsters were taken from a much more complex pattern by an Australian designer. 

The animals on this quilt were also designed by Sindy Rodenmayer.  They were part of her African quilt pattern.

Every turtle on this quilt has a twin, so it's not just a quilt--it's a game!
I was inspired by quilts made by my friends, Debi and Jan, to make my own version of the Ritzy Crackers quilt.  Rather than using charm squares, I cut the pieces from scraps of animal prints.

Monday, May 9, 2011

And So, You Ask, What Have I Been Doing...

'cause I sure haven't been blogging.  That's so true...but remember I still have that speech to the ladies' group hanging over me, and they moved the date up a month.  Therefore, I stitch away on more Project Linus quilts so I'll have plenty of Show & Tell for my talk on charity quilting.  Readers of this blog will get a preview...enjoy and let me know which ones you like.

Credit for the Cowboy Bear pattern goes to (who else?) Sindy Rodenmayer at
It's included in her Halloween Row by Row quilt pattern.