Monday, October 8, 2007

Fabric Shopping Day

Did you know that Columbus Day is a quilt sale holiday? I didn't either, but when a local shop offers 15% off everything to celebrate it, I am happy to join in. Now I have all the fabrics I need to assemble and quilt DH's Pioneer Braid quilt. (I just corrected a typo--I had typed "Pioneer Brain" but that would have been OK. Larry always says he was born 100 years too late.)
The fabric on the left is for the outer borders and is from a relatively new Moda collection, Acorn Hollow. The dark brown has a wood grain, and Larry picked it. It will go between the braid strips and will also be the inner border. At the bottom is the backing fabric, which is a fairly small print of leaves and acorns on a mottled sage background. I am happy! It's supposed to cool off a lot this week, and I will soon be busily quilting away on a winter throw for my sweetie! I have a package of Quilter's Dream Request weight batting all ready to go.
While we were in the store, Larry was talking with the ladies who were selling machines, and before I knew it I was in an embroidery machine demo! She was showing us the Baby Lock line. If anyone has experience with the Emore, I would love to hear from you.


Myra said...

I love the border fabric. Thanks for showing us!

Debi said...

Your braids look great. I am sure Larry is going to love this quilt especially since he got to pick some of the fabric.

Jan said...

Your fabrics are lovely! WOW--an embroidery machine--won't you have fun--just think of the cute things you could do for Avery!!!!

Sheryl said...

Thanks, everyone!

We haven't purchased the embroidery machine--just looking. I'd say the chances are less than 50/50 that we'll get it. I was hoping to get some feedback before I decided for sure.

JanJ said...

I love your braids! You are doing a great job and the fabrics are great also!