Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stitching as Fast as I Can

Have you ever looked through the website, Fat Cat Patterns? Sindy Rodenmayer is the designer, and I sometimes feel that she is designing for me--but just too fast! Every time I go to her website, there is a new applique pattern I want to try! The ponies at the right are one of her patterns. Just now when I went to the site to get the link, I found "The Coop", an adorable chicken pattern! Sindy is so creative that I will never finish all the projects I want to make. She is so generous to give them away to all of us.

Three more pony blocks will complete this set, and then I will assemble them for a Project Linus quilt. I don't know what fabrics I will use for the top, but I have a beautiful backing plucked from my stash that has horses galloping across fields.

We have been out of town a little bit, so the prairie braids haven't grown much, but I have crocheted about a dozen little caps for the hospital nursery. Making those little things is like eating potato chips. As soon as one is finished, I'm starting another. It makes the car travel go faster.


Jan said...

Your ponies are wonderful--they look like they just galloped off a carousel!!!

Myra said...

Cute horses Sheryl! I like Sindy's patterns also.

Debi said...

So very cute and you do such a wonderful job on your applique. Any chance you can make it down for our Dec 1 get together?

JanJ said...

Your little ponies are just too cute! I know some child is going to love this quilt when you get finished.