Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gifts for a Far-Away Baby Boy

Before I start cutting up my new fall fabrics, I needed to complete a baby gift. We have lived next door to the same family for 30 years and have been sharing their excitement as the birth of their first grandson drew near. Unfortunately, the young family isn't near--they're in Osaka, Japan, after recently moving from Honolulu. (The mom is Japanese, and the dad is the boy who grew up next door.) Casey was born last week, and everyone is doing great!
A few months ago my neighbor and I made the quilt on the near left, after they found out that it would be a boy. I kept the scraps from that project, bought some more, and yesterday I made the little Nine Patch quilt to go with it. (The back is turquoise blue with orange and yellow dolphins.) I thought little Casey would potentially sleep with the bigger quilt and drag around the little one.

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Debi said...

Beautiful and bright, Casey will adore them.