Monday, October 22, 2007

Cool Weather.....Aaaaaaaaah!

The weather here has finally cooled off enough that we can sleep under a quilt at night! For a woman that gets overheated easily (a real hot woman--LOL), this is a real treat! The cool temperatures energize me but also make sleeping much better.

For someone who makes quilts, it is also a great pleasure to be able to get out and use the quilts I have made over the years. The closeup shot here is part of a quilt I named "North Woods Cabin". The logs are only 3/4 inch wide! What was I thinking? The craziest part is that it is all hand pieced and hand quilted and queen-sized! My hands just can't do that any more, but I'm glad I did it then because it is really special to me. I started piecing it on a trip to northern Wisconsin and bought some of the green fabrics up there. The rest is from my stash. I see two fabrics that I bought at a guild meeting from the stash of a member who had died.

There is one juried and judged show in the St. Louis area, and I entered it for several years. This quilt won a blue ribbon in the traditional pieced category, but the best compliment I got on it was when one of the other prize winners said to me, "This quilt reminds me of what 'quilt' really means."


Jan said...

Lovely quilt! And I agree with you about the cool weather--now I feel like hand quilting!

Sheryl said...

Me, too! I'm basting something to quilt on tonight.

Rose Marie said...

During the summer months I piece and applique and then as soon as the cooler weather comes along, out comes my hoop and quilts in waiting. Your LC is nice and scrappy and so cozy looking.

Sheryl said...

Thanks, Rose Marie! BTW, I read your blog often and enjoy it very much.