Monday, November 5, 2007

OMG, Another Birthday

Here it comes again--another birthday! Well, it beats the alternative, doesn't it?
This was pretty much a day like all days, except I got a great Mexican lunch out, gifts, and cake. I am pretending I am 29 again and not having my 28th anniversary of that birthday!
The rest of the day was spent wrestling with tiny applique pieces for "Away in a Manger". I have gotten to the point where I am adding the animals around the Madonna and Child, and they have tiny feet, ears, horns, and beaks. I hate to say it, but I am suffering from applique fatigue! I never thought I could get tired of it. I should finish the top in the next day or so, and then I need to sit down at the machine and whip up a few dozen rail fence blocks!


Debi said...

Happy belated birthday. Maybe we will celebrate while you are here for the get together.

Jan said...

Take a break from the applique and breathe deeply!!! You can do it!!

Sheryl said...

All I have left to do is the head of one sheep and a lot of French dot eyes! Then I can sew on the borders and quilt--yay!

Myra said...

Happy happy birthday Sheryl!