Monday, August 20, 2007

A Quilting "Drought"

Recently I have gotten off track in my quilting life. It's been so hot here, and I got a nasty "bug" that left me feeling pretty crummy for about a week. I just didn't feel like tackling the jobs of adding borders to quilt tops or basting them for quilting. No matter how I feel, though, I have to keep my hands busy so, in spite of the fact that I have 16 UFOs awaiting my attention, I started a new applique quilt, Calico Friends. When those nine blocks were finished, I turned to my yarn basket and crocheted some more little caps for the newborn nursery at the hospital where I volunteer. These little caps are so much fun to make while watching TV in the evening, and I like to visualize little baby faces under them! (That is probably nuts, but I do it!) I've probably made about 125 of them so far, but I will never exceed the demand for them because the hospital delivers about 7,000 babies every year! That is motivation to keep that hook moving.
Today I'm feeling fine, the weather is cool and rainy, and DH is off doing his volunteer thing, so I plan to sew. I hope to show progress on the UFO pile this week! (This seems doubtful, though, because I found another free applique pattern when I went to get the link for Calico Friends! It's called Slug Bug. I'm in trouble all over again!)


Debi said...

Sheryl, so glad to have you back. The baby caps are so cute, you really do a great job. Thanks for the link to the two quilts, they are very adorable. It is terrific you are feeling better.

Jan said...

Sheryl, glad you are feeling better--missed your blog! I love your little caps and am sure the babies like them, too! The applique patterns are darling!! What cute slug bugs! I remember playing that game on our travels!

JanJ said...

Hi Sheryl! I think the little baby caps are just adorable. So sweet of you to do that for your hospital and I bet they love them! Love the slug bug pattern......I remember playing that. :)