Saturday, August 25, 2007

Desertscape is Ready to Mail!

I'm so happy to have this quilt finished! The recipients will probably really like it (at least I hope so), and I am so tired of it! LOL
You knew I wouldn't do a pieced border, didn't you? That was a given. I did, however, add a little something that I've never done before--a flange in the seam between the brown inner border and the beige outer border. It's a one-inch strip of green fabric (one of the cactus fabrics) that I folded right sides together, pressed, and inserted in the seams. It only sticks out 1/4 inch. I machine quilted in the ditch between it and the beige outer border to make it lie down. The only thing I don't like about it was that it rippled after washing and drying, so I had to press it flat. Actually, I pressed the whole thing because it will be a wallhanging and I thought the backgrounds around the appliques looked too puffy. (I wasn't going to go back and quilt down the backgrounds. As I said, I am tired of this puppy!)
On the label I wrote, "To xxx and xxx, desert dwellers and scorpion wranglers". Soon it'll be on the way to Phoenix. Another UFO bites the dust!!!


Debi said...

What a great quilt, love the animals. This quilt belongs in Texas, just ask the armadillo! We missed you today at the quilt show. Maybe you can make it in December.

Jan said...

Another great quilt Sheryl. I'm sure your friends will love it! Wonder job!