Friday, August 24, 2007

Changing the Wallhangings

It's time to change the wallhanging in the hall upstairs across from my daughter's room. I'm going to use the one at the right because I haven't had it up for awhile. I'd like to buy an old farmhouse and decorate the whole thing around this little quilt. The muslin background for the redwork blocks is tea-dyed, so that's why it looks mottled.

These little blocks were in my tote bag on our vacation to Colorado in 2000. See--I can do something besides applique!

Today was volunteer day at the hospital, and this afternoon we get to see our son and granddaughter--fun!! Our son is cooking dinner for us. Now that is a surprise!


Jan said...

Love your redwork! Of course, you can do more that applique--you're a quilter!!!!!!!

Debi said...

Your redwork is lovely. I enjoy some of the older styles of hand embroidery. I have a Winter Wonderland I am doing in blue with snowmen that are waiting me to hand embroidery.