Saturday, August 11, 2007

Grandchildren--Aren't They the Best?

We just got a call asking us to babysit on Tuesday morning, and it reminded me to include a little gushing about my granddaughter in my blog. No day is complete without thoughts of Avery, so my blog wouldn't be complete, either. She is almost 18 months of age and, of course, we think she is the most glorious grandbaby ever born! (No prejudice there.) She has blond curls, big blue eyes that flirt constantly, and a delightful giggle that she uses a lot. She loves to read, something that her parents have been doing with her since her first week of life. She likes to go out in Grandpa's yard and look at the trees and feel their bark. She likes to play with scraps of Grandma's fabric.

I've made a few quilts for Avery, naturally, and started with a fairly large one since DDIL was getting lots of promises of baby quilts when she was pregnant. We went shopping and she chose 30's repros in lavender, yellow and green to go with the nursery. I had plenty of fabric left over, so I made the wall hanging to match.

This past winter Avery had a nasty case of RSV and had to be hospitalized for two days. I thought she deserved a quilt from a Project Linus volunteer--me. I was glad I had just made the Sesame Street quilt. She loves Elmo!


Debi said...

Yes grandkids are the best. My DGD is 3.5 going on 30. She called me from San Diego today to tell me she was going to her grandpa's wedding (my ex and my daughters' father)this afternoon. Then she says, "Grandma, why is grandpa marrying Natalie and not marrying you?". Oh yeah, sometimes grandkids are GREAT!

Sheryl said...

I can't wait until we can have conversations with Avery. So far her best communication is when she tells you she wants more to eat!