Monday, August 6, 2007

Hand Applique--My Greatest Love!

Maybe I should retitle this post out of respect to my husband and family! How about “Hand Applique—My Favorite Quilting Technique”?

I’m fussy about the details; and when I started quilting in 1985, I was frustrated by hand appliqué. I wanted it to be just so—smooth curves, sharp points, shapes that were undistorted and correctly positioned. When I took a workshop with Nancy Pearson in the late 80’s, I finally was able to do appliqué the way I had hoped. Her method really clicked with me, and ever since I have been doing more appliqué work than any other technique for making a quilt top.

I love the pictures you can create with appliqué, and I love the way I can take it anywhere and work on it with a minimum of tools. There is always a baggie in my purse with an appliqué project when we are traveling.

Connie Sue Haidle offered a BOM on her website, Apple Blossom Quilts, that I have recently completed. Her floral patterns gave me all the appliqué challenges that I needed! Now…am I supposed to set these blocks into a top? I will—eventually.


JanJ said...

I love your beautiful applique work. You do such great work. I used to do applique until I fractured my wrist badly and had some trouble with ROM. But, I would love to try again. Do you know if Nancy Pearson has any books on the subject?

Sheryl said...

Thanks, Jan! I'm not sure what Nancy has in print, other than her patterns, but I will do a search and let you know.