Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Plug for Project Linus

DH and I made a Project Linus delivery run today, a way that we try to help this organization besides the quilts that I contribute. We drove to St. Louis Children's Hospital with 102 blankets made by St. Louis area men, women, and children. It feels good to do this, to be a cog in the wheel of this organization that does so much to comfort kids who are ill and/or traumatized.

So far I've made and donated 104 quilts to Project Linus and intend to keep going as long as I can. Although I seldom learn what happens to my quilts, I know they are doing good work.

I encourage anyone reading this to visit the Project Linus website, find a coordinator near you, and learn what you can do to support this wonderful group.

The Quilting Passion Forum on Delphi has been making quilts round robin-style for Project Linus for over five years. We welcome new members who want to help with this project.


Debi said...

Way to go Sheryl. Project Linus is my favorite charity to donate quilts. So far, I have only donated 10, no where near the 104 you have donated. You and Jan are such generous souls. Great job!

Jan said...

Sheryl--what fun to make a delivery run for Project Linus, my favorite charity group, too. Did you get to pass any of the quilts out to the kids, that would be fun too, I think! Bless your giving heart--each quilt is a gift of love!

Myra said...

Hi Sheryl,
What a great blog and I love seeing your quilts. I have several blogs that I visit daily and have now added you to my list. Thanks for sharing with us.

Sheryl said...

It's so nice to have you three gals visiting my blog!

I just dropped off the quilts. I have had the opportunity to deliver two of my quilts. It sounds like it would be fun, but actually it is heart-wrenching. It takes really strong people to work with sick kids. I think I'm better at the quilt-making part.