Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Spy Quilt

This "I Spy" quilt was really fun to make! I chose novelty fabrics that would be of interest to a boy, since the Project Linus people say that they always need quilts for boys. I can imagine a boy who has to remain in bed at the hospital playing a game with his parents using this quilt. I'd ask him, "How many blocks show something you can eat?" "How many blocks show underwater pictures?" "How many blocks show animals that you could have for pets?" "How many blocks show things that can fly?" "How many blocks show sports?" "How many blocks show something you can drive?" Hopefully, it will keep someone warm and busy!


SandyQuilts said...

Adorable. I know Jan is running around saying "look another quilt" ... aren't my friends the greatest.

Brenda said...

Great quilt! I know I want to pick it up and examine each block and see what treasures lie within! The lucky boy will have a wonderful time and cherish this quilt.

JimandJanet said...

That is a beautiful quilt Sheryl, and some little boy's life will be brightened and blessed by it. I love the red and black corners, they add a real pop!