Saturday, January 23, 2010

Now You've Seen It All

This is the third quilt I've made for an animal--yes, an animal. I can't believe I said that. These are all very special pets, pampered furbabies who love being warm and comfy like the rest of the family. The first quilt for my DS and DDIL's dog, Jack, and the second was for DMIL's cat, Ginger. These pets really use their quilts!
DH has recently been placing a load of guilt on me because our 13-year-old cat, Quincy, didn't have a quilt. He is a heat-seeking orange tabby who always goes where he can steal some warmth from someone. I finally got with it and made a quiilt for Quincy, picturing him being more active than he actually is! He started using it the first day it was finished! (I think my pet quilt recipients have actually appreciated their quilts more than some of the human recipients. LOL)


Myra said...

I am sure Quincy is purring a big thank you Sheryl. :o) Cute!

Jan said...

What a purr-fect quilt for a kitty!! I'm sure Quincy loves it!

Lynn W. said...

Of course Quincy loves it. Mr. Lucky loves quilts but AnnieBelle hasn't decided for sure. She generates a lot of heat so they may too warm for her. Great quiqlt, Sheryl.