Sunday, January 24, 2010

Interior Views of Construction

DH has been taking pictures in our room addition before the drywall goes up so he can remember where all the pipes and wires are. I guess this is a good idea in case you need to drive nails or cut into the walls for some reason.

This is my favorite wall--where my washer and dryer will go. I miss them so much!
This is the wall in the sitting area of the addition. A cute little gas stove will go between the windows with bookcases on either side. Mom is going to put two recliners in front of the stove. What she doesn't know yet is there will be a TV on the wall above the stove.

This is the bathroom wall where the vanities will go--see the mounts for the sconces? This wall backs up to the garage, so a lot of insulation, drywall, and firewall will go in that wall this week. Some day we will have a garage again, and we can move all the garage junk off our back porch!

I feel like we're at the stage of this project where you just give up and accept that it's going to go on forever--kind of like the ninth month of pregnancy.

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Gari said...

Never having done a renovation, I didn't identify until you used the 9th month of pregnancy analogy. My last pregnancy lasted 9.5 months: I really do understand what you are talking about now. ;-)