Monday, June 16, 2008

Two Sweeties on Fathers' Day

My DH had a Fathers' Day visit from his little angel yesterday, so I thought I'd feature these two sweeties today. (I would love to show you her beautiful smiling face, but don't have permission of her parents to show it online so I cut it out.) I love the expression on his face, though! The man turns to Silly Putty when he is around his granddaughter!

Last week they came over for DH's birthday party, and there were four rabbits chasing around in our back yard. She evidently hadn't ever seen a wild rabbit and was fascinated. She and DH sat on the grass and watched them for a long time. She would put both hands on her cheeks and her mouth made a big "O". Well, as soon as she got here yesterday, she wanted to see rabbits! They searched around all the nearby yards, even shaking the bushes, but they couldn't find a single one, even though she called out, "I love you, rabbits!"

We are such silly, crazy-in-love grandparents! And just think...we get another little angel next month!


Brenda said...

Oh how are right; his face just beams with the "this is my granddaughter". My daughter is 22 and has started a coffee business and attending college; it will be awhile before I get to have that kind of look, but am anxiously awaiting the future. Thank you so much for sharing (I really needed a boost).

Gina said...

I think all granddad's go gooey with the grand daughters. I know Gemma's two do.

love and hugs xxx

Peggy said...

I love the picture of your granddaughter and husband Sheryl... Thank you for sharing Ü