Thursday, March 27, 2008

Row 3 of Debi's Roosting Robin Row by Row

I finally finished Row 3 of Debi's Roosting Round Robin Row by Row mystery quilt. This block is called "Carrie Nation". I call it "the block with too many pieces"! LOL Just what you would expect from an applique fiend!

I haven't purchased any fabric for this quilt and don't intend to do so. My goal was to make a little dent in my stash, primarly the plaids. (I had more plaids than any human needs.) Actually, I am going through them faster than I had anticipated, so I may have to go stash diving for more complementary fabrics.

Many of my plaids were also used recently in a brick pattern scrap quilt for my DD's job coach. She presented it to him today and said, "He didn't cry, Mom, but his eyes looked very wet." He just called to thank me profusely. I wish I had remembered to photograph that quilt!

Back to the row by row--here are my first three rows. This quilt is just not photographing well! It looks so much prettier in person, and the difference between the two light backgrounds I am using doesn't seem as great. I wish you could really see all the pretty plaids I am using, but they just don't show up. As you can see, I set the third row kind of differently. I kind of liked the zigzag effect, especially since the first row also has this look. At least I finished before the end of March and can't wait to see what Debi has in store for April!


Debi said...

Beautiful rows. The next block has less pieces than the previous block! You are doing fantastic on this RRRR.

Jan said...

Your rows look so nice together--you are doing such a great job using up your stash!!

Myra said...

Those look great Sheryl. I plan to work on mine this weekend. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!