Monday, February 4, 2008

Another SuzGuz Block

During the Super Bowl last night I finished Block 2 of the new BOM series by Susan Guzman. She emails the pattern on the first of the month to those who have signed up, and I was hanging around the computer waiting for this one. I love hearts and am quite captivated by her designs. Who knows what I'll do with the finished quilt--but that isn't the point, is it? LOL

There are lots of projects in progress in my sewing room:

1. Pinewood Derby by Fat Cat Patterns;
2. Row 2 of Debi's Roosting Round Robin Mystery;
3. Plaid Brick Quilt (I'm cutting my plaid stash into 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" pieces and sewing them into rows, offsetting them like subway tile);
4. A barn raising-style quilt using HSTs made with black and brights--needs a border;
5. Three Project Linus tops that need quilting;
6. Many UFOs in their own zipper bags that I am trying not to think about!

The kitchen project is coming along nicely, although everything stays very dirty and messy for the time being. I try to keep it cleaned up, but it is futile! Yesterday I got to paint dowel rods, which is not real easy. Why is it that my hand goes numb while painting, but it isn't so bad while I'm sewing???


Debi said...

What a great block, your fabric choices "rock".

Sheryl said...

Thanks, Debi! It's nice to hear that I can still rock something! LOL

Rose Marie said...

That's a beautiful block for Feb. Looks like you are having fun with those BOM.

Jan said...

Your block is so nice---your hand goes numb while painting because it would rather be quilting!!!!!

Sheryl said...

Thank you, Rose Marie and Jan. Yes, I am having fun with these blocks and my hand is much happier quilting!

Rose Marie said...

I was so intrigued with your blocks, that I've signed onto the BOM. Thank you for sharing this site.

Sheryl said...

Terrific! I'm glad I got you hooked. I'll be watching your blog for the blocks.