Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kitchen Project in Progress--No Sewing to Show

Our kitchen is getting a face lift, and helping DH is "job one" for me this week. The house is 30 years old, which is not ancient by any means, but it does require a little freshening up now and then. (We have seen some houses in our neighborhood decline rapidly when no upkeep was done and don't want this to happen to us.)

We chose very good cabinets the last time we went through this, so we are keeping them. They're oak--not the latest rage but we still love them and they look good after our recent effort to clean and polish them. We're getting new counter tops and a new cook top, and DH is also going to replace the back splash with this tumbled slate mosaic tile. (Doesn't this look like something a quilter would select?)

My favorite part of the project is what DH is doing in the wall space where he removed the old double ovens. We are replacing them with a single wall oven, and then he is utilizing all of the vertical space in that area by building a platter-size plate rack at the top, a niche for the microwave under that, then the oven, and finally at the bottom will be a deep heavy-duty drawer! He is doing a superb job, and I am so looking forward to the increased storage space and new look! The walls will be a neutral called "Wicker" and the trim is just a shade creamier than white. The last touch will be new window treatments--my job. This includes a bay window, so it'll be a big splash of whatever color we choose.

Right now my job is to "get this" and "hold that" and clean up a lot--no point working on a project of my own. I'm the unskilled labor, helping out my carpenter!


Gina said...

It's the same in my house. Mal is the tradesman and I'm the 'hired help' as he puts it. I love it though as he explains what he's doing and then next time I can normally do it myself. In our first house I helped him put in our kitchen. In this one I did it myself.

By the way I love your Teddy quilt. the colours you've chosen have made it really cheerful.
Aren't Sindy's patterns addictive.

love and hugs xxx

Jan said...

Your new make-over will be so nice--glad you can do it yourselves!! Have fun!

JanJ said...

Oh, I feel for you! We redid our kitchen a couple of years ago and I don't think I've ever worked so hard! From the ceiling to the floor, everything was redone. Laying the new tile had to be the hardest part though! Once it's finished though, you'll be so proud of it! It's nice to know that you did it yourself!