Monday, January 7, 2008

Don't Give Up on Me!

If anyone still comes here, I want to tell you that I am still alive and kicking! I've been quilting a lot and finally finished DH's Pioneer Braids quilt. I'll post a pic soon. We are having a lovely break in our weather now, but soon it will be cold again, and DH will be snuggled under his couch quilt.

We are going to replace some 30-year-old appliances in our kitchen, so we're at the library now, researching on Consumer Reports. That is, he is researching and I'm looking at forums and blogs! He always finds so many ways to distract me that at least I can do this while he reads!


Jan said...

Glad you are still around! Good luck with appliance shopping!

Debi said...

Okay, we need pictures. I hope you find exactly what you are lookng for in appliances.

Gina said...

I'm glad you are still around, I was beginning to think you'd given up.

love an dhugs xxx