Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Last Glimpse of Autumn

This table runner was in its beginning stages when I left for Dallas a few weeks ago. I had pieced the background from an old group of fat quarters from a collection called "apple cider" something and then realized I had cut up most of my fall-colored prints for the pioneer braids I was making. (I keep calling them "prairie" braids, but they are really named "pioneer" braids.) Anyway, I thought that would keep me focused in the Dallas shops--just look for leaf fabrics!
I did find some beauties there--plus a lot of other stuff! I came right home and started appliqueing leaves. You can't see, but I also embroidered stems on all of the leaves. I plan to put this away until late next summer and will quilt it then.
Do you see the cluster of five brown leaves in the bottom half? That fabric is the "dirt" fabric left over from "Away in the Manger".
If you ever really want to put your applique skills to the test, make some oak leaves! LOL


Jan said...

Your table runner is so pretty--holly leaves are my applique testers!!! Mine look like "blobs" instead of pointy leaves!!!!!

Debi said...

Wow that is beautiful and the colors are so vibrant. Glad to see you using those fabrics from TX.

Gina said...

What a beautiful table runner. I would put it out all year not just the Autumn.

love and hugs xxx

Cheryl said...

Great runner.....I have a Fall one I need to finish. Think I'll pull it out this weekend and finish it up.