Thursday, September 13, 2007

Scrap Quilting is Hard Work!

Looking at this plastic bin, it is hard to believe that I have over ten hours of hard work invested in it! On the right are 2 1/2" x 6" strips ready to use in the Pioneer Braid, the beginning of which is shown on the left. I'm not going to use these braids for a border but instead will have them run vertically down the quilt top with strips to separate them.
Under the braid is a plastic bag with about 100 apple core shapes which I hand marked and cut. That is only enough to make a quilt about 30" square, so I will be collecting cores for awhile, it seems!
As I look at each piece of this old fabric, I can't remember buying very much of it. Did it sneak into my house? What was I thinking? It would be so much easier to buy new fabric, wouldn't it? LOL That doesn't sound like "Scrapquilter", does it?

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Jan said...

Good work with the scraps, Sheryl! The pioneer braid is a fun way to use those scraps up, I'd forgotten about that--have to do some!