Monday, September 3, 2007

Hot Day at the Air Show

Happy Labor Day! It was about 100 degrees here today, but DH persuaded me to put down the thimble and go to the St. Louis County Fair and Air Show to see the Blue Angels. We have seen a couple of TV programs about them lately on the Discovery Channel. DH is an aviation junkie, too. He would probably have been a career Air Force pilot if his eyesight hadn't been so bad. I digress...Anyway, I would rather have watched the show standing in a snow drift than in the heat we had today, but I couldn't turn him down!
There were several aviation performances before the Blue Angels. We saw the Red Baron Pizza biplane team, and their narrator included some commercials about their products. (Did you know they have a new garlic crust pizza? The things you learn at air shows!) We also saw the A-10 "Wart Hog" and the Harrier. Everything was very good, but the Blue Angels were GREAT! The power and precision were awesome! As I watched, the thought that kept coming to me was, "Thank you, God, for giving these Americans the brains and bodies that are capable of flying and maintaining these incredible machines. And thank you for the brilliance of the designers and builders." It makes you feel very patriotic to see these people work.

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