Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fingers Are Cold but Still Busy

I know many people hate winter, but since I started quilting (26 years ago), I have had a special appreciation for these months.  Being stuck inside provides extra time for quilting.  I particularly love doing my hand applique or hand quilting by the fire in our family room.  That would explain these two quilts that I'll deliver to the children's hospital this week.

The first one is adapted from a pattern in a Debbie Mumm book.  I had everything in my stash except the border print.

This bull frog design is from my favorite designer, Sindy Rodenmayer.  You can click on the cat on the right side of the screen to see her amazing site, Fat Cat Patterns.

Goodbye for now!  My fingers are warmed up, so I think I'll stitch a little more on my newest applique project while I listen to the Chiefs/Ravens game. 


Lynn W. said...

Those are soooo cute, Sheryl. They won't sit on a shelf long.

Debi said...

Those are too cute for words...great job Sheryl. When are you coming down to TX this year??? Or will I see you in Portland in August?

Jan said...

Love those quilts! Great job!