Thursday, August 5, 2010

We Won a Homer!

Disclaimer:  This has nothing to do with that odd little cartoon dude, Homer Simpson.

We are so proud to be notified that our room addition project, the suite for my mother-in-law, has been selected for a Homer Award by the St. Louis Home Builders Association.  This award is like the "Oscar" to people who are in the building trades in this area.

We think that this award recognizes a great collaboration between an excellent remodeling business, Mosby Building Arts, and our family.  We look forward to displaying our Homer statuette in our home and are very glad it doesn't look like the cartoon guy mentioned above.


Catswhiskers said...

Wow - that's fabulours.
Enjoy the recognition of your (family) hard work.
Well Done. You deserve it.

Gari said...

Congratulations to all of you. Will we be able to get to see inside now that it is all set up?

Debi said...

How wonderful, contrats to you all!