Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lots of Entries!

What fun to receive so many entries in my giveaway, even though I started late! My DH is amazed that so many quilters have blogs and that so many found my little offering. He will be picking the winner on October 15, so be sure to enter by commenting on the previous post. Tell me what you like to cook in the fall. I already have two wonderful recipes from this!

From reading the comments, I gather that there is a lot of chili and apple crisp being consumed this time of year. I think I'll be making them soon, too!


pollyanna said...

Oh Oh Oh! Pick me!! Pick me!!

jenny said...

i give you one of my fav's i call it white man indian taco's . what you need is some grand biskiets and well you flatin them out put them in peenut oil cook them tell there golden brown cook up some hamberger and taco season and well get all the things you would for taco's and there you have your self a grate meal . how this came to be called this well my bother wanted his wife to make up some well fray bread so he could make some indian toac's but well she told him go backe them your self so well he did (lol) he went out got some grand biskits and well made them for his self and well thay looked so good and when he made them his wife asked him for one and he told her no (lol) but well he did give her one and well ever since then this is how we make them in are home as well. and well i just dont eat them in the fall i eat them all year round . there realy good