Monday, October 20, 2008

Long-Term Project

Oh, baby, is that an understatement! I have begun to make a king-sized quilt for our bed--the one we bought three years ago. It is using the Baby Honu pattern by Lisa Boyer that DS and DDIL brought back from their honeymoon in Hawaii (four years ago). They also brought back a three-yard piece of a gorgeous navy, purple, and green batik with sea turtles in the pattern, which will make a perfect border.
After years of producing kid quilts for Project Linus, this big quilt is a little daunting. I've deviated from the pattern to appease my preferences in quiltmaking. I'm doing the turtles in hand applique--not the 3D way that Lisa suggests on the sewing machine. I'm not paper piecing the wave blocks, because I can't bear that technique, but have figured out the sizes to cut triangles and assemble them the square-in-a-square way. Methods aside, the quilter side of myself is arguing with the critic side of myself about the color combinations, which are much different than Lisa's picture on the pattern!
Critic Sheryl: Those waves don't look like any water I've ever seen!
Quilter Sheryl: The fabrics are to give the impression of water.
Critic Sheryl: Don't the waves swirl in a counterclockwise manner on the pattern?
Quilter Sheryl: Well, yes, but I made the first two blocks the wrong way and decided not to look back!
Critic Sheryl: Still...some of them are awfully dark!
Quilter Sheryl: Ocean water looks pretty dark from the deck of a cruise ship after sunset. Don't you remember wanting to stand back from the rail and all the suspicious glances you gave DH?
Critic Sheryl: But that bright green? Where does that come from?
Quilter Sheryl: Algae?
Critic Sheryl: I don't get the red, either.
Quilter Sheryl: Shark-infested waters?
Critic Sheryl: I still don't think it looks like water.
Quilter Sheryl: Haven't you ever heard of Impressionism?
There...I feel better! No, I don't have multiple personalities...just a little conflicting self-talk now and then! Now I can proceed to make about 25 more turtle blocks and about 20 more wave blocks so I can assemble this monster and start the hand quilting. (Yes, you read that right!)


Jan said...

Tell Critic Sheryl to leave Quilter Sheryl alone!!! Your quilt looks lovely--the red is the sunset and is beautiful!!!!Keep on keeping on!

pollyanna said...

You said: Don't you remember wanting to stand back from the rail and all the suspicious glances you gave DH?

Laughing too hard, hearing your voice all along LOL!! Gorgeous colors, gorgeous quilt-to-be. I have a king sized bed..... *voice trailing off*

Beth said...

I think it's beautiful! Good job...tell the voices to take a hike, everybody loves it!

Brenda said...

Personally, I think the colors are wonderful. They give me the impression of water waves. Have a grand time making this quilt and hand quilting it!

Teresa said...

You know, I think it looks like you are in the water looking up and catching glimpses of that beautiful sunset reflecting through the waves, which would be circling counter clockwise from this view point. Its a beautiful quilt!

BethE said...

It is so beautiful! You did an amazing job!

pollyanna said...

New picture!! Love it!! *smooch*

swooze said...

Coral and tropical fish honey!!