Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Kitchen and SuzGuz4

This week I made Block 4 from Susan Guzman's 2008 BOM series, and here it is. I've been told that it appears to be looking at you, and I now realize that it does look like it has nine eyeballs on it. Oh, well, I'm not doing it again! It will only be one of twelve blocks.

Here's the final side of the kitchen that you haven't seen yet. There are a few crumbs on the table, but you can't see that, right? I used to have small quilts hanging on that wall, but they just didn't fit with the new look. I plan to make a table runner soon. We can't have this room going "quiltless"!


Jan said...

Love your new kitchen and dining area. Your apploque block is really pretty!! "Here's looking at you, kid!!!!!"

Peggy G. said...
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Gina said...

Love your new kitchen. It was worth all the mess.

I love the new block, although it could be used for inspiration for an alien (friendly of course) in Doctor Who

love and hugs xxxx