Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Kitchen is Finished!

As promised, here are some pictures of our finished kitchen "spruce up". I can't call it a remodel because we didn't change the cabinets or floor. However, we are very pleased with our new counters, back splash, wall color, and valances.

I am most proud of this part of the room. (It's directly opposite the sink wall.) We used to have double ovens on this wall. My dear husband did all the carpentry work to make the platter rack, microwave shelf, and storage drawer in their place, as well as installing our new oven. I think he's amazing!

That's the pantry on the right. The opening to the dining room is on the left.

Here is my new desk area, with its new counter top and tile. Now it's my job to keep from piling up any junk on the desk--very challenging!

In my next post, I'll turn the camera another way and show the table and far wall of the kitchen. (First, I have to clean all the mail off the table!)


Debi said...

Beautiful kitchen, I love the desk area. I bet you are glad it is finished.

Peggy G. said...

The tile work is beautiful! Your husband is a pro... enjoy your new kitchen to the max!

Jan said...

Your kitchen is wonderful--you did such a great job! I love the desk area!!! Kudos to Larry for a job well done!

Sheryl said...

I will pass on all the compliments to Larry. He deserves them! (His body is still feeling it, too.)