Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm Working in Series Now

Does that make me an "artiste"?  I've always felt that quilting is an art form with fabric as the palette.

Kay Mackenzie wrote a darling book called Dolls and Dresses to Applique, and I made all 12 doll blocks for an (unfinished) auction quilt for a hospital fundraiser.  Lately, however, I decided to try to use a doll pattern in a large size for Project Linus quilts.  I enlarged a couple of the book's patterns to a 28-inch size and have made three little quilts so far.  I haven't donated them yet but hope they can be given to girls who resemble them a bit--like the American Girl dolls that can be purchased as look-alikes for little girls.  (Or they can be given to girls who just like them!)

Meet Doris (named after a red-headed friend), Avery (named after my older granddaughter), and Kono (named after that cute actress on "Hawaii Five-O".  "Addison" is in progress.

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Carrie P. said...

YOur doll quilt are so cute. yes, I would say you are an artist.