Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bear Family Doll Quilt

Here's the doll quilt I made for this month's swap.  It is now in the home of a quilter in Tennessee.  The cute bear patterns are from Sindy Rodenmayer at  (Her patterns are for 12-inch blocks, but I scaled them down to 6 inches.)  The little family is modeled after my son's family with their two little girls. 

I've really been enjoying these swaps.  This size quilt is just the right size to try out a theme or idea and get it done quickly.  My quilt this month came from Oregon and is so darn cute!  I will have to post a picture soon of all the quilts I've received to date.

This isn't all of the sewing I'm doing.  I'm still making quilts for Project Linus, with a little extra push on getting a bunch done before I have to make a speech to a women's group in September.  I'm a little nervous about the speech, so I want to have lots of show and tell to get me through it!  So far I have 9 quilts made for that day and hope to have 20 by that date.


Corrie said...

Your quilts are amazing. Thanks for showing them all; it's been fun to look through your blog.

Debi said...

So very cute Sheryl, your work is amazing. FYI, Sindy is coming to the DFW quilt gang holiday party this December.

Jan said...

Love the bear family--you are so creative! I'm sure your talk will go great---with all that show and tell it's bound to!!!