Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Construction Update!

This is a HUGE day at our house! I'm doing laundry at home again! Woo hoo! The guys finished the laundry room first to help me. My four months at the laundromat have ended. (The window looks out on the front yard.)
I want to introduce you to our guys from Mosby Building Arts who have done most of the work on this project. (Many subcontractors have come and gone, but these have been our guys all the way through.) First is James, our project manager, who is willing to do any job, including washing windows. Those are bookcases on that wall, and there will be a little gas stove in between.

Here are Steve and Steve, who are working outside because it is finally warm enough to work on the deck. These guys are so funny!
This is Tony, our painter. The picture is taken from the new room, in front of the bookcases, looking toward the laundry room.

As you can see, the project is moving right along! We'll probably be finished in a couple of weeks.
On an unrelated note, the song in my head today is "Hillbilly Bone" by Blake Shelton. This song has such a good beat (sounds like I'm on "American Bandstand") that I feel like I could do the Texas two-step to it--and I've never tried that before!


Keith said...

Thank you for the praise and the photos, Sheryl! And we just blogged about you blogging about us!

quiltingnana said...

your construction looks good...been there, done that!

Jan said...

Your new room looks really good--thanks for introducing us to the "crew"! How nice to do laundry at home again!!!

Lynn W. said...

Great pictures and wow ... a new and functioning laundry room once again. It will be move-in time before you know it.