Friday, February 5, 2010

Don't You Wish Your Dining Room Was Hot Like Mine?

Don't you wish your home was as lovely as mine? Do you remember this room from my Christmas picture? Now it's a storeroom for faucets, a toilet, sinks, a shower drain, a ceiling fan, light fixtures, many tubes of caulk, etc. On the other side of the room are stacks of boxes of collectibles from DMIL's house. They say that in a few weeks all of the building supplies will be installed in our room addition. It'll be sad in a way. Then I'll have to start cleaning again.


Myra said...

LOL I cracked up when I read the title. Just keep telling yourself - it will all be worth it when it is done. Have a great weekend!

Debi said...

I bet you will be glad when all the construction is over and MIL is settled in.

Lynn W. said...

One day this will be just a distant memory. I'll bet you can hardly wait for that day!