Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Construction Progress

Look at this! I'm posting two days in a row!
We have a lot going on around here. DMIL is going to move here from Tulsa next spring. She will be 89 by then, and it is just time, if you know what I mean. She refuses to live in an apartment or senior residence so....we're building on to our house, with her help. She will have a suite with bedroom, sitting area with small gas fireplace, luxury bath, and walk-in closet.
The builders are at a stage now where we are seeing a lot of progress. Yesterday two exterior walls went up, and today they built the interior walls. Tomorrow the third wall will go up, and we'll be ready for the roof trusses. (The fourth wall is already there, as the addition will join on to the back of the garage and will be accessed through our former back door. My old laundry room will turn into a hall, and I'll get a new laundry area.)


Gari said...

I really like that idea, a place of her own but also a part of the family. And very nice of you, too.

Jan said...

You are very nice to add on for your MIL, sounds like a great place for her---I'm sure she will be happy there. Merry Christmas!