Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Here's the quilt I'm giving to my nephew, Karl, for his 21st birthday. I thought we would see him Sunday but didn't, so we'll give it to him this coming Saturday, his actual birthday. I wrote up care instructions for him, hoping that he would see this as an heirloom and not just another bedspread that you use for a couple of years and then wrap around the dresser when you move to the new apartment! At the end, I wrote: " P.S. Karl, if you ever use this quilt as a moving blanket, pet bed, or picnic blanket, somehow I will know!"

Since this quilt has been finished, I have done almost nothing but hand applique! I definitely won't be machine piecing any stars for awhile.


Gina said...

Stunning! What a lucky chap and a very Happy Birthday to him.
You have done a wonderful job and IT is a heirloon piece.
Lovely colours.

Crispy said...

Oh Sheryl, what a beautiful quilt!! He's going to love it!!

Your warning is just priceless, thanks for the great chuckle after a long day at work.


Teresa said...

The quilt is so nice - our fabric choices perfect ofr the pattern. I had to laugh at the warning you gave him - I wish I had done the same to my sister-in-law who used the quilt I made my brother as a blanket for her very old dog.