Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm glad the holidays are over! I had about shopped, wrapped, and cooked myself into a "Mom at the holidays" frenzy! It would be just fine with me if I didn't have to cook again for another year. (If only I could get the people at my house to stop wanting to eat.)

For me, getting back to normal means more time to quilt and start new projects. I've finished two more quilts for Project Linus--my second time to make the "Doggy Days" pattern and my fourth version of the "Wicked Easy" pattern. They went to the hospital with me today to do their good work. They said the Pediatric rooms are full--lots of cases of pneumonia and RSV. Poor babies.


pollyanna said...

Oh those are really so cute :) You put together, applique and quilt about as fast as I machine everything...and I am pretty fast! Look how cute they are :)

Happy new year to you my friend :) No cooking unless you want me to come over and chop up something for a salad or something LOL

Brenda said...

Great job in finishing two wonderful quilts. The kids will be so thrilled to receive them.

Wilma NC said...

Sweet!!! Love the animals.