Monday, May 5, 2008

Finished Some Stuff!

I just finished the binding on this quilt last night during "Desperate Housewives". (Is it just me or does Justine Bateman look really old all of a sudden? Oh, well, so do I!) This quilt will go to St. John's Mercy via Project Linus. The pattern is by Sindy Rodenmayer, my favorite applique designer. I enjoyed dipping into my stash of "food fabric" to find carrots, cabbage, lettuce, and radishes for the bunny to snack on.

This is the April row from Debi's BOM. It is starting to get a little ahead of me--I didn't get finished during the month it was issued. Now I am already behind on May's row!
If you are making this quilt, would you tell me your plans for setting the rows together? Are you going to put strips of sashing between the rows or just sew the rows together? (I was thinking that the sashing would prevent having to match up a lot of seam lines.)


Jan said...

Love your little Hunny Bunny!! So nice of you to think of giving him snacks to eat!! I haven't decided how to set my rows together yet--was just going to sew them together until you asked your question!! LOL!!

Debi said...

I am going to put sashing between my rows and use the same fabric in a border.

Gina said...

I've just sewed the rows together as I'm making them. I'll then put a couple of borders on.

love and hugs xxx